Uruguay Bodybuilding and Fitness Association joins the WBPF family 19 October 2016

Today on 19th October, 2016, URUGUAY has joined WBPF and we welcome them to our family. It is headed by President Jose Antonio Osta Vazqvez and his Committee,  and they have great athletes who shall be participating in the 8th World Bodybuilding Championships in Pattaya, Thailand.

WBPF granted Uruguay provisional membership and shall be confirming their application for official acceptance in the Congress at Pattaya. President Bulat Mergaliev and members of the Executive Council of WBPF warmly welcome Uruguay Bodybuilding and Fitness Association to our family.

We wish to register our appreciation to Mr. Baba Madhok, Patron of ABBF and Prince Uppal our dear friend from India for bringing Uruguay to our fold.


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