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Datuk Paul Chua, Secretary-General of the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (WBPF) appointed Mr. Sugendran Krishnan (LLB. Hons) a.k.a Shawn as the President of WBPF Singapore with immediate effect. Shawn obtained a law degree in August 2006 from Faculty of Law, University of London. He also served in the Singapore Police Force 11 years focusing on emergency and disaster management. He was then transferred to the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) in the Republic of Singapore as a senior officer in fostering community partnership and communal relations. He left the Singapore Civil Service in 2012 to become an entrepreneur and now successfully operating three companies on his own with a foothold in 6 countries in Asia.

With his past involvement in Bodybuilding as the Honorary General Secretary of the Singapore Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation from 2007 - 2012, he gained much experience in managing the SBBF and traveling with Datuk Chua to many important events held in Asia and the World. Shawn will lead WBPF Singapore to the highest level and has drawn a plan for the coming years. He will carefully select and appoint young man and woman in his Committee and shall work for the benefit of the sport of bodybuilding and physique sports in Singapore. WBPF, ABBF, and SEABPF warmly welcome Sugendran Krishnan to our family.

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Mr. Pradeep Baba Madhok of Varanasi, India has been appointed as the President of the ASIAN BODYBUILDING & PHYSIQUE SPORTS FEDERATION (ABBF) with immediate effect. ABBF is delighted of Baba's acceptance and he will work closely with President Bulat , WBPF and ABBF Council members in promoting our sport in Asia.
Certainly his willingness to volunteer his time, effort and money, has contributed to being selected for this honorable post.

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